New Artificial Leaf Concept

The New Artificial Leaf, a stand-alone device, solves the storage problem, the biggest issues of renewables, by storing solar energy into chemical bonds creating a “solar fuel”.

The New Artificial Leaf (NAL) makes possible the transformation of water (sea water, river water, waste water) and the combustion waste product, the CO2, into a renewable resource.

NAL opens the door to a new sustainable era, eco-friendly with zero-emissions, similar to the hydrogen economy but less traumatic for the ‘status quo’: it represent the bridge between the past and the future since it’s able to reconvert the old-school industries into a zero emissions ones.

NAL technology and its several applications will allow Green Independence to penetrate and disrupt several market segments of this huge industry, starting from: the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Market, the Energy Storage Market and the Syngas Market.


The ultimate goal

Green Independence aims to stop and reverse the climate change and pollution madness. At the same time, GI wants to guide the energy transition by converting current carbon-based energy systems into zero-emissions green units, without dismissing the current infrastructure.

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