New Artificial Leaf Concept

The New Artificial Leaf (NAL) is a waste-to-hydrogen solar panel that works independently from the grid.
NAL solves the biggest issues of renewables, intermittency, by storing solar energy into a “solar fuel”, green hydrogen, while recycling water and CO2 emissions.

NAL is the evolution of solar panels and works just like a leaf.
It is able to perform 4 main functions:
1. Purify waste water and / or desalinate sea water to produce distilled or drinking water using only heat dissipated by the photovoltaic panel itself (WP System)
2. Produce electricity like a classic photovoltaic panel but with better efficiency thanks to an integrated cooling and cleaning system
3. Produce green hydrogen directly in the panel to accumulate the energy surplus of the panel in hydrogen instead of in the battery (EC System)
4. Recycle direct CO2 emissions when installed in industrial environments.
All completely independent from the electrical network and able to be easily installed even in non-industrial contexts thanks to the low danger and requires maintenance.

NAL will reduce the costs related to carbon tax, the cost of water as it will be able to recycle it and the cost of energy as it will be able to produce it effectively from the sun by accumulating it in hydrogen.


The ultimate goal

Green Independence aims to stop and reverse the climate change and pollution madness. At the same time, GI wants to guide the energy transition by converting current carbon-based energy systems into zero-emissions green units, without dismissing the current infrastructure.

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