Green Independence is a startup committed to the development of disruptive technological solutions that are able to lead the energy transition towards a zero-emission world powered by renewable sources.

Our core business is the strategic and synergic use of different renewable sources in order to provide an innovative energy production and storage system with a very low enviromental impact.
NAL technology and its several applications will allow Green Independence to penetrate and disrupt several market segments, such as the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Market, the Energy Storage Market and the Syngas Market.

Our team

Alessandro Monticelli

CEO / Founder

Design Engineer
Operations Manager

Marta Pisani

COO / Co-Founder

Open Innovation Expert
Marketing Manager

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The ultimate goal

Green Independence aims to stop and reverse the climate change and pollution madness. At the same time, GI wants to guide the energy transition by converting current carbon-based energy systems into zero-emissions green units, without dismissing the current infrastructure.

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